‘The Evil Dead’ is a classic horror franchise in it’s own right. From giving us Ash to being Sam Raimi’s first feature length film, it has a history that resonates with many horror fans the globe over as one of the ultimate B movies. So when news broke that the series was being relaunched by Fede Alvarez there was a lot of pushback that there was no way the film could be nearly as good. After that we found out there was going to be no Ash in the movie? Wow! Who thought the movie could be any good? Then something amazing happened.

The first trailer for ‘Evil Dead’ showcased a movie that looked good. It was clearly based off of ‘The Evil Dead’ but the movie we’re seeing is going to be a lot bloodier, gorier and more of a thrill ride. Also, it has a budget that allows the talent to showcase what is being made here. While the remakes that have been being released have often had a decent budget, most have been uninspired. In this case, it looks like we’re getting changes in a positive way that will have a realistic shot of transforming a classic B movie into a modern horror classic.

The movie is billing itself as “The Most Terrifying Film You Will Ever Experience.” It’s a bold statement and while no one is quite sure how or if it can live up to that claim, it has been catching enough interest for horror watchers everywhere to want to check this one out!

Where the red band trailer went to extremes on the blood, this green band trailer has more of a focus on the plot and feeling of suspense. The tension practically bleeds off the screen and this one is lining up to be a must watch film on its April 12th 2013 release. The film’s cast is made up of: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas, and Elizabeth Blackmore.

With a classic being redone there are always mixed feelings on the subject. What do YOU think of the remake’s previews to date?