It’s Marvel’s turn to shine at San Diego Comic Con on this Saturday evening, and they are wasting no time with providing information to their fans.  Hall H got to see the first officially-released bit of footage from ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming‘ this evening, and even though Marvel has yet to release the footage to us lowly peons who couldn’t attend live, we do have a detailed description of what was seen.

According to’s reporter who was in the crowd, here’s what was shown:

“Bad Reputation plays, and shots of high school. “Every Story” then shots of Tony, Rhodey, each character in high school. “Every journey. Has a beginning.” Peter is walking through school, and a homecoming banner goes up. 9:30am Science. Peter’s looking at footage of himself taking Giant Man down. Flash Thompson is an indian character. The Disney channel star Zendaya may be playing Liz Allan! In Chemistry, Parker works on his web fluid on the side. A girl is playing F, M, K with Avengers. Liz thinks Spidey is hot. One of his other friends is trying to figure out what he’s hiding. Jump cuts of him running down a hallway zipping a hoodie over the costume, and climbing up a wall, and finally, he and the “Ganke type” doing a handshake. Then VULTURE comes down a tube, with crazy armor.”

After the announcement, Marvel tweeted this image of Spidey and the Vulture:

Spider-Man Vulture

If/when Marvel releases the video, we will update you with it!

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ will be released to US audiences on July 7, 2017.

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