For me ‘Revolution’ is a guilty pleasure show. I want to hate it because they have the entire cast looking like they were freshly showered in a post-apocalyptic environment and there’s enough teen angst showing up to make anyone sick. However, I can’t help but watch every episode that comes out because the overall story lines of what happened, why it happened, and the civil-war-esque world they live in now has me intrigued. I just can’t help myself but tune in each week! While the show has me going they are looking to change a bit of how information has been presented so far which will either get me more into the show or finally allow me to lose my interest. So what changes are happening?

Recently at PaleyFest, Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau joined the cast on stage to answer questions and give viewers a hint to some serious changes.

The mid-season break on the first season show gave us a great cliffhanger which resumes on March 25th. The surprise they had in store for us is that we’re going to be given the answers to a LOT of our current big questions followed up with a ton of new questions! A few of the answers we’re about to be given I felt would stay up in the air a bit longer, though it’s easy to see how they could lead to more questions.

While the following isn’t the answers that we may be looking for, here are some of the explantions that fans will finally get to know in the second half of the season:

Spoiler’s on what we’ll be seeing in the near future:

Why did Rachel slap Miles? What is their history about? Where’s Grace right now? What’s Randall want from her? What turned Miles and Monroe against each other?

What else are we going to see? How about the world outside of Monroe’s little territory. Kripke liked the idea of dfferent regions would have different political agendas and these societies would cause conflict with one another, much like ‘Game of Thrones:’

“Georgia is influenced by factors like climate, so there are more crops and well-fed citizens. The land is also ruled by Leslie Hope’s President Foster, who is “badass, She’s really steely and strong and has her own management style that is quite different from Monroe’s.”

Is Monroe able to receive redemption for what he’s done? According to David Lyons, he can’t say:

“The question of redemption is a bit more murky for someone like Monroe. There’s a void in him that can’t be filled with all the power in the world and that’s a dangerous situation. He’s a broken man, and the question is: Can he be mended? I’m not sure.”

One scene that JD Pardo really enjoyed filming is the upcoming confrontation between Nate and Neville — in which the youngster “stands up for himself.” According to Pardo, it was one of his favorite moments.

Fans will also get to see the return of Aaron’s perfect ex-wife that he abandoned. Kpipke teased, “They’re able to work out their issues. Now he’s found his strength, so what does that mean for them?”

All of this is starting right off the bat and it looks like episode 13 (3 in from the mid-season break ending) is when we’ll finally find out the cause of the blackout. It makes sense they can’t let it go on so long as Rachel was clearly part of the cause and at this point she couldn’t hold in the information much longer.

You can watch the entire panel discussion below courtesy of Hulu!

So what do you think so far? Are you looking forward to the return of ‘Revolution?’ Let us know in the comments below!