HBO turned out at SDCC to promote its hit ‘Game of Thrones’ and didn’t show up empty-handed.  Fans were treated to two new video clips… and now you can watch them for yourself!

The first is a blooper reel from the just-wrapped Season 6, so you can laugh along with the cast of the normally deadly serious show when they flub their lines, suffer wardrobe malfunctions and mishaps with uncooperative props.  Warning, this is slightly NSFW.

Fans were slightly miffed to learn that next season was going to be shortened to just seven episodes.  (Then again, it IS season seven, so maybe someone was being poetic?)  But hey, it could be worse.  At least you’re not ‘Doctor Who’ fans who have to wait over a year for a new season!

But rest assured, season seven is on its way!  New ‘GoT’ episodes should arrive next summer, roughly around the same time as they did this year.  The next clip doesn’t reveal anything about upcoming plots, but gives you an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of the new season, which as you can see is clearly underway!

The majority of filming for the new season will be in Northern Ireland with additional shooting in Spain and Iceland.  Mark Mylod, Jeremy Podeswa, Matt Shakman and Alan Taylor are among the directors tapped to tackle new episodes.

Are you already ready for winter to return?

Source: Coming Soon