This is just a RUMOR, but the AquamanShrine Twitter account tweeted an image of Aquaman from the ‘Flashpoint’ tie-in miniseries ‘Emperor Aquaman’ with a tease that the Sea King could be swimming onto ‘The Flash’ Season 3, which we already know will be based at least somewhat on the ‘Flashpoint’ comic book, which saw The Flash stuck in a twisted version of the DC Universe.  At the end of Season 2, Barry/The Flash went back in time to change history.  Surely there will be major ramifications when the show returns this fall.  (Expect more news on that from SDCC this weekend.)

Here is the tweet:

Now it does say fans will get a “glimpse” of Aquaman, so that could mean simply a vague cameo, like the one Jason Momoa made in ‘Batman V Superman’.  Then again, this is just a RUMOR for now, so more info may be forthcoming.

In the comic book, one of the major storylines involved a war between Aquaman and his Atlantean army and Wonder Woman and the Amazons which has decimated much of the world.  The tale was adapted into an animated movie ‘Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox’.

During Season 1 of ‘The Flash’, Joe West made a vague reference to Aquaman, which was cut but included in the Bonus Features of the DVD.  Then in Season 2, there is a flat-out reference to Atlantis on Earth 2.

Considering Aquaman’s high profile as a member of the Justice League and him getting solo movie in 2018, it seemed as if he’d be off-limits to The CW’s shows.  But with the news that Superman would be appearing on ‘Supergirl’ and even rumors of Batman popping up, it seems that the embargo on movie characters has been relaxed if not completely lifted.

Are you excited by the prospect of Aquaman on ‘The Flash’?

Source: Twitter