With the match being made official a little over a week ago, we’re getting closer and closer to Stephen Amell’s in-ring debut at WWE Summerslam in Brooklyn on Sunday. The actor will finally step into the squared circle along with former NXT Champion Neville as they face Stardust and King Barrett at the Barclays Center during the company’s biggest event of the summer. And just in case you may have forgotten how this all came to be, WWE has borrowed a few elements of comic book lore to recap the trials and tribulations between the ‘Arrow’ star and the Prince of Dark Matter.

Ahead of the epic tag team confrontation coming to the WWE Network this weekend, the wrestling company has released a new promo detailing the events leading up to this match. Because of Stardust’s crusade against superheroes, this whole feud has taken on sort of a comic book feel and that is reflected in the latest promotional video for the bout:

Amell’s followers on social media are well aware of the actor’s preparations for this match. Not only has he been running the ropes and all that, but he has his ring attire ready to go as well. For all we know, Neville could be sharing the secrets of his Red Arrow finishing maneuver with The CW’s Green Arrow. But while they put in the work, their villainous foes are continuing to run their mouths. The King of Bad News and the Keeper of the Cosmic Key have issued a warning to their Summerslam opponents:

Both sides are preparing in their own ways, but Amell is doing some extra work outside of the ring to make this battle a force for good no matter who walks away with the victory. Represent.com has collaborated with the actor to produce a limited edition t-shirt to commemorate the match and proceeds from the shirt will go to Toronto-based children’s hospice Emily’s House. “Growing up, I loved my WWE shirts. The classic graphics with the date and arena,” the actor said. “So if I’m going to risk life & limb in a WWE Ring this Sunday, we’re DEFINITELY doing something to raise money for charity.” You can check out the design below and head over to that site to pick up your own right now:

There will be a lot going on at this year’s Summerslam. The Undertaker is looking to get his revenge on Brock Lesnar for breaking his Wrestlemania streak. John Cena is looking to prove that he is a true champion and Seth Rollins is not. Plus, John Stewart will be hosting the four-hour extravaganza, so you never know what surprises he has in store for the WWE Universe. But even with all that, everyone from Brooklyn to Star City are sure to be talking about Stephen Amell and Neville vs. Stardust and King Barrett on Monday morning one way or another. Until the bell rings on that one though, how do you think the match will go? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.