So how does someone handle the news that their significant other’s a vampire?! Well, for Kat, her reaction was to burst out laughing and this week’s ‘Being Human’ starts out where last week left off. Aidan reaches her and she finally believes –well, after fainting. And then come the questions, the doubts and the fears. She admits she’s scared, but not about the situation. “It’s you, I’m scared of you.” He volunteers to go and she rushes to him but can only close the door in his wake.

A bit less morose is Josh and Nora visiting with proud new parents, Andrew and Caroline and Baby April. They meet Mark and Wendy, fellow werewolves, attacked during the same trip as Andrew and Caroline. The new parents admit their heads are spinning from the suddenness of everything and, because they didn’t get to enjoy the usual accoutrements of impending parenthood, Nora insists on throwing them a post baby-baby shower.

Two Weeks Later

Nora’s on the freakout train about details of the shower while Aidan’s still moping about Kat. He asks Nora if she’d spoken to Kat and the fact that “she’s broken up with all of us” further sours his mood and Josh’s words of encouragement (“the first time you’ve been dumped in more than 200 years”) doesn’t quite do the job. His mood signals the return of his ghostly tormenters when Sally appears and banishes them. He’s a bit upset, intent on wallowing in the guilt of his past actions. The magic banishment ends up disappearing Sally just as Emily—Josh’s younger sister—appears on their doorstep, fresh from rehab and ready to crash on her brother’s couch.

Josh is checking on a struggling Emily

Emo Aidan is walking the streets when he calls out Kenny, who’s been stalking him. The younger vampire is a bit perplexed at Aidan’s lack of contact and he ends up telling Kenny about the breakup. He uses it as a way to continually strengthen their connection and it’s what the big lug needs. The nice and quiet baby shower picks up a bit when Mark and Wendy arrive with reinforcements but that’s no all…”more are on the way.” Josh confronts Andrew about it and the latter admits that it’s a pack gathering thing and he’s thinking about joining the pack, protection against vampires.

Sally returns from her four days with 16 year olds Josh and Julia (RIP) as they were “discovering [their] bodies for the first time”. Josh steps over to check over Emily who’s having quite a tough time with all the flowing alcohol and when he steps away, Sally sees that Josh’s little sister is drowning. But then Mark takes the stage and begins his vampire rant when—surprise!—Kenny and a less than sober Aidan crash the party. Aidan gets his flirt on with Sally, Kenny’s not too successful making werewolf friends and Josh finally stands up to Mark though the simmering distrust and anger is still smoldering on the surface. Meanwhile, the overwhelmed Emily steps away from the party and Sally follows. She wants to help the fragile girl and puts a spell on her, one that will allow Emily to see and hear her but things don’t work out with the spell or with the fact that Sally’s transported to the 1920’s and Aidan’s night on the town with Henry.

A 1920’s Aidan revels in the kill

Back at the party, Aidan’s spreading the drunken love while Kenny and young werewolf gal are making moon eyes at one another. Aidan’s drunken high comes down and he begins moping in earnest but most of Kenny’s attention is on Dimples. He moves to introduce himself just as Sally’s unfortunate introduction into the vampire Aidan was in the past. And when she jumps into the body of an unintended victim, Sally’s disgust and shock goes beyond anything she could’ve imagined. When she’s magicked back to the party, she’s a bit scared of Aidan but also trying to suss out the connections between her quantum leaps and use of magic. Aidan makes things a bit awkward when he pronounces he desire to “get with” Sally. But that’s all but forgotten when Emily sees Kenny’s true face and sets up a vampire versus werewolf free-for-all, one that doesn’t end well for anyone involved but the chaos solidifies Andrew and Caroline’s decision to join the pack.

Now that things have wound down, Sally comes across Josh putting Emily to bed. The Ghost/Witch admits to trying to bespell Em’s and Josh is flabbergasted Sally would do something like this. He remarks on the “deep, deep damage you leave behind” before joining his wife in bed. Nora openly ponders how good it would be to have a family, one like you, not just their ragtag group of peeps. While they think of the future, Aidan pays a visit to Kat, watching her from the shadows as he fantasizes her accepting him back into her life.

As if seeing things clearly in the day time, Emily gets ready to leave. She knows she’s too fragile to handle the abnormalities of Josh’s life and needs to get stronger before she can be okay with it. In the house, Aidan wakes up to a distraught Sally. She’s still trying to come to grips with what she saw him do, how he enjoyed taking lives. She understands a bit more on his need to suffer and tells Aidan “I don’t like when you lose control. You’re a good man…please stay that way.” Her words are a reminder to him that his experiences are what is keeping him on the path of redemption. When Kenny stops by, Astrid in tow, he rejects Kenny’s offer to remove memories of Kat. “I think I need to carry that pain with me for a while.”

And what seems to be a new beginning for Josh and Nora, the two join the other pack for a romp under the full moon.

Experience as Teacher, Growing

  • Though not a vampire with centuries of killing under our belts, we can all relate to Aidan’s desire to shed himself from the painful memories of the Kat breakup. If we removed the unpleasant memories from our lives, where would the lessons come from, the moments that teach us we can be better than we have been in the past? It’s a truth Aidan forgets until Sally reminds him of the good man she hopes he continues to be. Yes, there are things best forgotten but the majority of what we experience serves a most practical purpose. As the saying goes, “Experience is a good teacher, but she sends terrific bills.”
  • Josh and Nora’s decision to run with the pack adds another interesting spanner in the works of the future as the couple moves towards building a life that may slowly separate them from Aidan, Sally, and some of the other supernatural extras in their lives.