In the wake of the phenomenal (and often annoying) success of the new ‘Pokemon Go’ app, it is no surprise that the rights for the live-action version of ‘Pokemon‘ has finally landed in the hands of Legendary Films, who had been in negotiations for said rights for some time now. The company reached an agreement with The Pokemon Company to make numerous live-action movies based on the popular franchise, whose popularity has not really waned all that much in the 20 years since it first broke into pop-culture. Even the TV shows is still going strong after 19 years, which is pretty incredible when you think about it.

The more interesting part of the story is the premise of the first ‘Pokemon’ movie, which will be based on the game ‘Great Detective Pikachu,’ where a Pikachu with above average intelligence (on the level of Sherlock Holmes apparently) helps his human counterpart solve crimes, with the Pikachu actually speaking to the humans around him. It is an odd choice, especially considering all of the stories and plots centering around Ash  and the other Pokemon trainers,  but there is a chance the decision was made so as the separate the new film from any of the cartoon TV shows or movies that came out before it.

No matter what, you know the movie will be huge internationally, even if it does terribly with critics (*cough*WARCRAFT*cough), so it makes perfect sense why Legendary pictures would be so eager to get the ball rolling on their new franchise. What are your thoughts on a ‘Great Detective Pikachu’  film? Do you think ‘Pokemon’ will work in live action? Share your opinions on the matter in the comments section below!

Source: THR

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