‘Serenity’ fans rejoice! The story is going to be continued yet again in a new Dark Horse comic written by Chris Roberson (‘iZombie’). The new comic will be called ‘No Power in the ‘Verse’ (harkening back to a line River Tam once said wherein she explained there was  “No power in the ‘Verse that can stop me.”) and will be released on October 26th of this year. The story will focus on a call the crew receives from an old friend, and in classic ‘Firefly’ fashion, things go south from there. The comic will also pick up the arcs of the characters where they were last left off, especially for River who has become the pilot of the Serenity in the wake of the tragic death of Wash in the ‘Serenity’ film.

According to writer Chris Roberson (iZombie):

“I think that it’s the characters and their relationships first and foremost that keeps people coming back for more, followed pretty closely by the richness of the setting and the backstory… There’s just so much to explore.”

Roberson continues by explaining the new comic takes place about a year and a half after the last comic

serenity full cover“The characters have been busy in the meantime. They’re just wrapping up a job when they get a call from an old friend who is in desperate need of their help, and things get complicated pretty quickly… serenity-comic_0River plays a pretty central role in this story, in more ways than one. She’s really come into her own as the pilot of Serenity, for one thing, but now that Zoe’s daughter Emma is toddling around on her own by this point, River is always on hand to help look after her as well. But the Alliance is still hunting for River, which is going to continue to put the rest of the crew in the crosshairs.”

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Source: EW,

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