silver sable black cat silver and black

For those who can look past Sony Pictures making the mistake of using Spider-Man characters and centering them in a non-Spider-Man Cinematic Spider-Verse, then you’ll be interested in hearing this rumored plot for ‘Silver and Black‘. (If not, you can turn back now.) Most interesting, while the two femme fatales are getting equal billing in the title, it’s Silver Sable who will be the central character to this story.

The two have never had a lot of interaction in the comics, but Sony Pictures has found an easy way around that. It looks like Mendel Stromm better known as Gaunt is the main villain in the film, and Black Cat has stolen something from him. Silver Sable is chasing after her to get to him. It will still have Sable be Silver Sablinova who is a mercenary from Symkaria. However, here we’ll see that her father had dealings with Stromm and Sable is after him for experimenting on her countrymen. As to Black Cat, Felicia Hardy also went through an experiment to give her some form of enhancement. She is still a master thief but now for some reason is on the run from Stromm who is aggressively hunting her.

To catch her, Stromm hires both The Tarantula and The Scorpion. While Silver Sable doesn’t want to involve Black Cat further past finding Stromm, she’ll clearly be vital to the endgame of the film. There is no confirmation at this time as to who will be playing The Scorpion in this film to try and tie it to ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ or not.

Does ‘Silver and Black’ sound like something that you’d like to see? Is Sony shooting themselves in the foot making these films while Spidey is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: The Hashtag Show