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According to the writer/ one of the stars of ‘Star Trek Beyond,’ Simon Pegg, if you are eagerly awaiting the new film and plan on seeing it this coming weekend, you should avoid advertisements for the film this week.

The suggestion came to us from Pegg’s Twitter account (which you can see below), and has a raised a lot of questions about what exactly he is warning us about. Are there some major spoilers in the TV spots and promos for ‘Star Trek Beyond’ this week? It would not be unheard of, as the trailer/TV spot/Promo people usually are not the actual filmmakers, and are not as concerned about keeping plot points secret while marketing the film. And considering how well the film has done at keeping its plot secret so far (all we really know is that Idris Elba’s Krall character attacks the Enterprise and the crew crashes on a remote world), it makes sense why Pegg would want to encourage people to avoid spoilers in the ads during this week so they can go into the film fresh this weekend.

The other possibility is that Pegg is worried that the promotions for the film this week are just plain terrible, as he has already publicly voiced his dislike of the first trailer for the film for being too heavy on action and spectacle, and light on the ”Star Trek’ stuff.’ The idea is that he is worried that the new ads are so action heavy, and promoting aspects of the film that do not really apply all that well to the ‘Star Trek’ fanbase, that the promos might drive away some loyalists, making them think ‘Star Trek’ has lost its way.

Check out the Tweet for yourself and then make sure to share your opinion on the matter in the comments below.


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