It must be San Diego Comic-Con Week! Rumors are beginning to fly across the internet about all kinds of entertainment news that might be announced at the massive event this coming weekend. One of the more interesting ones currently out has to do with the DC/CW shows, and what fans can expect when they all return in the fall. First of all, there is a rumor that John Wesley Ship might be getting a contract to become a series regular across the entire CW DC Universe, following deals struck with Wentworth Miller and John Barrowman. If true, he would most likely appear as Jay Garrick (not Henry Allen), and fans are speculating he might be involved with founding the Justice Society of America that ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ Season 2 will feature.

Next up are rumors about new characters coming to ‘Supergirl,’ altering the show slightly now that she has flown onto the CW. According to the grapevine (aka folks over at Bleeding Cool), it seems Kathy (Kate) Kane aka Batwoman will get a recurring role on ‘Supergirl’ as the ex of Maggie Sawyer. Joining her will be Barbara Gordan who will appear on the show as Oracle, and will develop a strong relationship with Supergirl. And apparently, the Oracle/ Batwoman relationship is being modeled after the original ‘Birds of Prey’ comics by Chuck Dixon, only with Batwoman taking on the operative roles instead of Dinah Lance.  And while speaking of the Bat-family, there is also rumors that the CW is trying to work out a deal with FOX to share the Batman/ Bruce Wayne character, as they clearly would like to have him appear in their universe, especially now that Superman will also be there.

Lastly, the most unlikely rumor, yet one a lot of fans are hoping for, is that Matt Ryan will also be receiving a contract to become a series regular across the entire CW DC universe, depending on how well ‘Constantine‘ season 1 does while streaming on the CW Seed, and how Constantine’s appearance in-universe goes this season. According to the rumor, eventually the CW would like to have a DC superhero show on every night of the week, and if Constantine the character does well, he might just get his show back, only this time he would be on Friday nights alongside ‘Supernatural,’ which would be a natural compliment to the show.

What are your thoughts on these rumors? Just random speculation? Or do you think some of them could happen? Share your opinions and any theories in the comments section below!

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