Who knew when Warner Bros. acquired the video game publisher Bally Midway in 2009 that their sister studio New Line would make a movie about three mild mannered humans who are mutated into giant monsters and fight against military forces demolishing buildings in the process? Well, that’s what they are planning to do and they’ve have hired Ryan Engle to help them out.

Engle will be writing the screenplay adaptation of the 1980’s video game ‘Rampage’ which the studio is hoping to make into an ‘Independence Day’ style film, but on a small budget. The project is being developed as a possible franchise with substantial merchandise tie-ins.

The game basically revolved around a trio of human characters who mutate into giant monsters which includes a giant Godzilla-like lizard, a giant werewolf and a King Kong size gorilla. The monsters would then go on a rampage destroying buildings, fighting the military and eating other humans. Players of the game would control the monsters and move up in levels when a city was destroyed.

Engle is a relative newcomer in the world of screenwriting and was an executive at Kopelson Entertainment before writing his thriller script ‘On a Clear Day’ which made it onto Hollywood’s Black List of most liked screenplays.

Although certain genres have been able to successfully make the jump to the big screen (comic book superheroes, for example), the jump with video games have not been as profitable. Oftentimes their movies have disappointed many in the gaming community or in the case of ‘Bioshock‘, ‘Assassin’s Creed‘ and ‘Mass Effect‘, development of the project is stalled for one reason or another. Only a handful of movies based on games have really succeeded thus making some to feel that these types of films already have its odds stacked against them.

Along with ‘Rampage,’ New Line is also working on a reboot of another Bally Midway game, ‘Mortal Kombat.’

So what do you think about ‘Rampage’ hitting the big screen? And if you need a little memory jog of how the game is played, check out the video of some gameplay below:

Source: Variety