Well it is about time that the promotional folk for ‘Suicide Squad’ showcased Viola Davis in her role as Amanda Waller, as the character, if done correctly, can be just as scary as any of the villains on Task Force X, and just as maniacal, even if she is trying to do things for the “right reasons.” In this new promo for ‘Suicide Squad,‘ we see a lot of Amanda Waller, and learn a lot about her, especially during her interactions with Team Leader Rick Flagg. She is the iron willed “puppet master” of the group, and she is just fine with forcing a team of villains, under threat of death, to go on these dangerous missions, even with Flagg warning her that she needs actual military personnel. But it also seems that Flagg (and by extension Katana) are also under Waller’s control, as they signed on to work for her and are now stuck with whatever assignments she gives them, and at least for Flagg, he seems powerless to stop her from carrying out some of her plans that he sees as risky.

Check out the promo for yourself below, which features a lot of new footage from the film with both Waller, and some stuff with Rick Flagg and Deadshot, who seem to have a more chummy relationship (according to the footage below) than we originally thought. And while you might worry about spoiling more of the film with yet another promo with new footage, ‘Suicide Squad’ has done fairly well in jumbling up their trailers and promos so while we still get a lot of new footage from the movie, they are all fast cuts making it really hard to tell what exactly is going on, which is perfect for a trailer. Check it out for yourself below, and then share your thoughts on Amanda Waller’s character in the comments below!

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