We recently found out that Universal Pictures had another of their Universal Monster movies set for April 21st, 2017 and now it is starting to sound like that monster may be ‘The Wolf Man’!

Word has it that the studio is trying to pick up Aaron Guzikowski (‘Prisoners’,’The Red ROad’) to write the modern day reboot for this classic creature feature that was originally released in 1941. The film never actually earned the distinction of having a direct sequel though the character did have follow ups in The 1943 mash up ‘Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man’, and also showed up as a supporting character in 1944’s ‘House of Frankenstein’, 1945’s ‘House of Dracula’, and finally 1948’s ‘Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein’. While the studio had already tried to reboot the franchise in 2010 with ‘The Wolfman’, poor box office performance proved disastrous to a revival and this was prior to the cinematic Monster Universe that the studio now has started to map out.

At this time, it isn’t confirmed that ‘The Wolf Man’ will be taking this unannounced 2017 slot. They should probably have planned it out a little better as 2016 would have marked the 75th anniversary of the original film and would have been a better way to give the franchise a real tribute. While not officially in the 2017 spot, the lead contenders for the date are now looking to be either ‘The Wolfman’ or the rumored ‘Van Helsing’ film which may have Noah Hawley (‘Fargo’,’Bones’) writing and Tom Cruise (‘Edge of Tomorrow‘,’Oblivion‘) starring.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if ‘The Mummy‘ has any Easter Eggs for the next film tied into the end credits or buried into the production of the movie.

Have you seen ‘Prisoners’ and if so do you think that Guzikowski will do a good job at bringing ‘The Wolf Man’ to life? Would you rather see it or an updated ‘Van Helsing’ be officially announced next?

Source: JoBlo