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Jared Leto is still in full Joker mode apparently, as he is still promoting the character for the upcoming release of ‘Suicide Squad,’ this time with a disturbing new selfie that is as mesmerizing as it is hard to look at (literally). Of course, there is a chance that part of what is so intriguing about any new photos of the Joker is all of the backstory that went into creating Leto’s interpretation of the character. Everything from Leto’s method acting and the stories of how he embodied the character on set and disturbed other cast members make the portrayal fascinating, and so very different from what we have seen before from the Joker. But maybe not completely different.

According to the costume designer for the film, Kate Hawley, there was actually a lot of work that went into crafting the look of the Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ to be both uniquely different and faithful to certain source comics.

Suicide-Squad-Joker-Comic-Dark-Knight-Returns“We started off at the beginning, believe it or not, looking at doing all their kind of more comic stuff much for faithful to the comic book…. When David started looking at these drug cartel guys and he was also talking about Scarface and how he wanted a Joker that was in total control, and very put together. And I think that’s in, is it the Frank Miller one? There’s that look: he wanted him buff, he wanted him powerful.”

Of course, she is most likely referring the Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ where we see the Joker as a much burlier, more gangster-esque version of himself, which is clearly what Ayers and team are paying homage to in the film (see image right). Of course, it is not just the clothes or the bulk that has changed, as Leto’s Joker also sports all of the tattoos and the gold teeth that one could argue are just a more modern interpretation of a gangster, but that is up for debate, especially in regards to whether those aspects really fit for a character like the Joker.

Anyways, check out the the new selfie for yourself below, and then share your thoughts on Leto’s take on the Joker in the comments section!


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