We know that Sony Pictures is planning on rebooting Starman‘ with Shawn Levy (‘Real Steel’,’Night at the Museum’) in the director’s chair and now we’re learning a bit more about the film. Levy is set to direct and produce the film with Michael Douglas who produced the original based off of a script by Arash Amel (‘Erased’,’Grace of Monaco’). No casting has been announced at this time but word has it that we’ll be seeing younger actors in the roles.

Levy shared some interesting new details for the film while doing an interview to help promote his upcoming Netflix series ‘Stranger Things‘. When asked about what we can expect he said that:

“Starman is halfway through being written. It is fucking cool and very much the story of the original but leans into the technology and the scientific awareness that we have now, which is radically different than what we had when John Carpenter made the original film. It’s coming along very strong. It’s a movie I very much intend to make. It’s likely going to be a younger cast than the Jeff Bridges version.”

The original critically acclaimed film had Jeff Bridges as an alien who has crash-landed on the planet and takes on the form of the dead husband of Karen Allen. The two take a road trip to help the alien avoid the government and get back home and was honestly just an absolutely amazing piece of work. My concern with the “younger cast” comment is that this is going to be turning into a young adult or teen flick. Only time will tell.

Are you looking forward to a rebooted ‘Starman’ or are you as sick of reboots as I am? What direction do you think that a younger cast will be taking the series? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr

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