Well, it seems in the wake of the break-up of Team Arrow following the Season 4 finale of ‘Arrow,’ (not to mention the loss of Laurel Lance), the show’s producers are looking for lots of new blood to fill the ranks with. We have already seen the addition of Rick Gonzales to the show (playing Wild Dog), as well as Josh Segarra’s Vigilante, but now it seems the showrunners are going to the source comic (and a little show called ‘Young Justice’) for inspiration, and to bring Oliver a new hero to mentor who shares his affinity with bows and arrows.

That’s right, apparently Madison McLaughlin will be returning to the show this season, reprising her role as Evelyn Sharp from Season 4 (where she dressed up as the Black Canary to exact revenge for the death of her parents), and this time around, she will be learning about bows and arrows under Oliver’s tutelage, and taking on the name of Artemis. Of course, ‘Arrow’s’ version of Artemis will be different from what we have seen before since her real name in the comics is not Evelyn Sharp, and her parents are known super villains Sportsmaster and Tigress, but that does not mean that the team behind ‘Arrow’ will not find a way to work elements of her backstory into the show.

Of course, Oliver getting help from more grounded (and non-meta human) heroes plays into the goal for this coming season of bringing the show back toward reality, similar to how it worked in Seasons 1 and 2 (though even Season 2 had some supernatural elements in the form of Slade Wilson and his super army). And bringing another hero on board whose primary skill is with a bow works nicely with how Oliver has been training and mentoring heroes for almost the entirety of the series, and will hopefully fill in the hole left by the departure of Arsenal in Season 3, and Speedy in Season 4.

What are your thoughts about bringing Artemis onto ‘Arrow?’ Is the show jamming in too many new characters again when they should just be focusing on Oliver, Felicity and Diggle? Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

Source: Screenrant

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