Last week, ‘Batman V Superman’ director of cinematography Larry Fong tweeted a disheartening message regarding the upcoming home video release of the financially successful, but overall disliked superhero epic.

Back before the movie even hit theaters, Warner Brothers announced this extended R-rated ‘Ultimate Edition’ which would be 30 minutes longer than the theatrical cut.  Of course, this was before the movie came out and audiences gave it a thumbs down (partly because it was already too long). But some held out hope that the longer version would make for a better overall product.  Fong’s declaration came as a huge disappointment. But there may still be hope!  Fong has issued a new statement that backpedals completely!  Check it out below:

Er… that’s QUITE a change of opinion.  How did he go from saying that if viewers hated the theatrical edit, that they’d still hate the ‘Ultimate Edition’ to suddenly declaring that EVERYONE (in all caps) will LOVE it?

Maybe this tweet from later the same day will shed some light on this matter.  When another Twitter user asked “@larryfong Hi Larry, is there any scene in the bvs ultimate edition that will be blowing everyone’s mind?”, the cinematographer responded:

“Snarky comedy humor comebacks?”  That doesn’t… ohhhhhh… Finally, at the end of the night, Fong signed off with the following tweet:

In other words, it sounds like Warner Brothers was pissed at Fong’s earlier comment which will likely decrease sales of the ‘Ultimate Edition’ of ‘Batman V Superman’, which WB was desperately banking on after the movie failed to break the $1 billion mark in theaters.  It sounds as though Fong got a stern talking-to from the higher-ups and issued a positive statement singing the extended version’s virtues.

In other words, NOPE the ‘Ultimate Edition’ will NOT change anyone’s mind, just as Fong earlier declared.  His second tweet, which is being reported heavily on other websites is sarcastic and he was apparently bullied into making it.

But make up your own mind.  Do you think the ‘Ultimate Edition’ will change people’s opinions?  Or was Fong right the first time?

‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition’ will be available for digital download on June 28, 2016 while the BluRay will be available July 19.

Source: Twitter