Alien: Covenant

WARNING – Potential Spoilers ahead!

It seems a bombshell about Ripley Scott’s upcoming ‘Alien: Covenant’ has been released and retracted, though with it being the internet, once it is out there, there’s no taking it back. The Playlist, while speaking about the upcoming prospects of actress Katherine Waterston, mentioned her involvement in ‘Alien: Covenant‘ and apparently claimed she is playing none other than Ellen Ripley’s mother in the new prequel. The article was quickly redacted and the words “Spoiler removed at the request of the studio” were inserted, lending some credence to the rumor about Waterston’s role in Scott’s new film.

alien-covenant-katherine-waterston-danielsAll of which does make sense, as recent set photos showed Waterston in a familiar setting that fans of the franchise will recognize (see right), and making her Ripley’s mother is a great way to tie back into the source film, establish a timeline, and potentially even give us a little Ripley running around in either of the planned sequels to ‘Covenant.’ Of course, this is all still in the unconfirmed rumor department, as the source did remove the evidence, and even IMDB currently lists Waterston’s character in ‘Alien: Covenant’ as someone named “Daniels” (though it is not unusual for films and TV shows to list important roles under false names just to prevent spoilers from leaking). And for all we know, even if Ripley’s mother is in the film, it might actually not be Waterston, so again, take this all with a grain of salt.

What is your opinion on this rumor? Would you be intrigued to see Ripley’s mother running around? Or does her character shield prevent her from being interesting since we know she has to survive long enough to give birth? Share your thoughts down in the comments section below!

Source: The Playlist via  Screenrant

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