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While it’s no secret that Matthew McConaughey (‘Interstellar‘,’Dallas Buyers Club’) has been courted by studios for major roles, it seems that he just passed on playing a major Marvel villain for a few Phase 3 films. Specifically it seems that he was offered the role of the major villain who will appear in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘ and would have most likely also star in the ‘Infinity War’ films. While we are’t sure on the role, we do know that we won’t be seeing McConaughey show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe anytime soon.

In fact, we’re not even definitely sure that it was ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’ that was passed on but from a scheduling conflict perspective it makes the most sense. As production of the film is set for early next year we already know that McConaughey will be doing live-action work for ‘Gold’ and ‘The Free State Of Jones,’ two voice over roles to finish recording, and ‘The Sea of Trees’ which is waiting to be released will need a round of media coverage.

With working on and promoting the upcoming five films, that clearly leaves little time for McConaughey to accept what would be a major and most likely ongoing role for Marvel who notoriously requires long hours from their actors.

On the flip side, outside of ‘Interstellar’ the star hasn’t done much in the way of genre work and could just honestly not have a lot of interest in science fiction or comic themed films. Whatever the reason, after the last few years of acting that he’s put out it’s clearly our loss.

What are your thoughts on McConaughey passing on a Marvel film? Would you like to see him as a hero or villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Cinema Blend