One Marvel NOW title that is certainly garnering a good amount of attention is ‘Deadpool’ from Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Tony Moore. The fan-favorite character is currently featured in an awesome solo series where he’s tasked with taking down reanimated former Presidents of the United States. Doing a job that no other hero would be caught dead taking, Wade Wilson teamed up with the ghost of Ben Franklin, but he’s going to need more than the Prophet of Tolerance to defeat the remaining founding fathers. Plus, despite how tolerant he can be, I’m sure Mr. Franklin could use backup in handling the Merc with a Mouth.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie, you can check out a preview of ‘Deadpool’ #3, in which Deadpool teams up with Doctor Strange in order to take down one tricky Dick, Richard Nixon, and his dog Checkers too! The first few pages of the new issue can be seen below:

Along with ‘Hawkeye’, ‘Deadpool’ is definitely one of my favorite books on my pull list and I highly recommend it to anyone. If you like what you previewed here, you can get the real thing once it hits shelves this week on Wednesday, December 5th.