Looks like Marvel Studios wasted no time in finding a replacement to play the role of the sexy scientist opposite Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark as Variety is reporting that Rebecca Hall is now in talks to take on the role that was originally offered to Jessica Chastain.

A couple days ago, Jessica Chastain had announced on her Facebook page that she had to decline the role in ‘Iron Man 3’ due to scheduling conflicts (this seems to be a recurring theme with her as she turned down the role when it was originally offered to her before and she also turned down a role to star opposite Tom Cruise in ‘Oblivion’ due to scheduling conflicts):

“Sorry to say that Iron Man 3 isn’t going to work out. My schedule is jammed packed and I can’t fit anything else in. The press announced my possible attachment far too soon. I know many of you wanted me to be involved, and I’m so sorry to disappoint you. Hopefully there’ll be another Marvel film in my future. Shane Black and everyone on the IM3 team are really wonderful. I’m very excited to see the film when it comes out. xx”

Hall came onto the Hollywood radar after her breakout role in ‘The Prestige’ and then starring in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona.’ She also starred in the Ben Affleck film ‘The Town’ and the horror flick ‘The Awakening.’

Although specifics of the storyline are being kept under wraps, what is known is that director/screenwriter Shane Black had loosely based the film on the Warren Ellis’ six issue ‘Iron Man: Extremis’ comic series. The role that Hall will be filling is currently unnamed, but she will play a smart and sexy technologist who plays a pivotal part in the creation of nanotechnology known as Extremis which winds up in the hands of terrorists. This makes many believe she could be playing Maya Hansen, the scientist who helps Aldrich Killian (who will be played by Guy Pearce) develop Extremis. Also known is that Hall will give Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts a bit of a challenge as she will be a rival for Tony Stark’s attention.

Hall will be in good company as not only is Paltrow returning to the franchise so is Don Cheadle and wonderfully cast as the villain, Sir Ben Kingsley. As of yet, Andy Lau (‘Shaolin’, ‘Legend of the Drunken Master’) has been rumored to be in negotiations to also star but no official word has been made.

‘Iron Man 3’ begins production this month in North Carolina before moving on to China.