You know summertime is really here when we start getting rumors and theories about the upcoming seasons of our favorite shows, and ‘Arrow’ is no exception. While we have already heard rumors and discussions about new characters for the season, today’s news is about a potential new vigilante for the fifth season. So far all we know is that the new vigilante will be “a cocksure/reckless ex-Marine turned vigilante” who will have a recurring role throughout the season. Whether or not he or she will be part of Team Arrow or perhaps even mentoring under Oliver is yet to be determined, but someone pointed out how thematically it might work very nicely that as Oliver leads the city as Mayor and inspires them to greatness, that could be mirrored by the Green Arrow leading a new hero into crime fighting, and inspiring them with his own heroic actions.

Also newsworthy is a new rumor coming from Variety speaking about the new villain for ‘Arrow’ Season 5, who apparently will be inspired by Idris Elba’s ‘Wire’ drug kingpin Stringer Bell. The new drug lord will be filling the void left by Darhk and HIVE in Star City, and will definitely play into the series’ desire to go back to its grounded roots next season, especially if the villain is neither magical nor superpowered (at least according to recent comments by Stephen Amell). For now, all we know is his name will most likely be “Anton Church” and the casting notice for him calls for an “apex predator” and describes the character as someone who “cuts his way through the shadows” by going after “the biggest threat first.” Which of course makes it sound like the villain will be going after both Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow, as he is both mayor and hero to the city, and the man with the best position to take down the villain.

What are your thoughts on a drug kingpin villain and new vigilante coming to liven things up in ‘Arrow’ Season 5? Do you agree that the show needs that more grounded tone to return it to greatness once more? Share your opinions on the future of ‘Arrow’ below!

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