the inhumans

I’m sorry, I am trying really hard to stay positive about Marvel’s ‘Inhumans,’ but they are really making it difficult, and new promos and videos like the one below are certainly not helping matters. The new clip released shows us a scene between Serinda Swan’s Medusa and Iwan Rheon’s Maximus the Mad where he is making advances on her and she threatens to tell King Black Bolt, and he replies:

 “Why would you tell my brother? You think you can’t handle me on your own?”

To which she pushes him back with her hair, and it cuts to the promo voice announcing the show coming to IMAX and ABC.

First of all, the whole thing sounds awful, as in poorly mixed and barely audible, the dialogue sounds like they’re taking cues from George Lucas (during his prequels heyday), and Medusa’s hair looks just as awful as I worried it was going to when I saw the trailer. The whole effect of her pushing him away seems very forced and stilted, and I’m worried they just could not pull off her hair abilities and it is going to hurt the show every time they use it. Which is sad because in the comics and animated shows where her character is featured, her hair is pretty awesome, and can be used to great effect so show how powerful she is.

Still, I want to believe in this show, because this is still Marvel, and they have brought some of my favorite characters to life in the past decade, and perhaps they are just not showing the best parts of ‘Inhumans.’ What do you think, is there still hope for this show? Or is ‘Inhumans’ a lost cause? Check out the new promo for yourself and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Full synopsis below:

The Inhumans, a race of superhumans with diverse and singularly unique powers, were first introduced in Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1965. Since that time, they have grown in prominence and become some of the most popular and iconic characters in the Marvel Universe. “Marvel’s The Inhumans” will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family.

The premiere episode of ‘Inhumans’ is set to debut on IMAX screens on September 1 for a limited 2 week run before officially premiering on ABC beginning on September 29.