While ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 marks the introduction of a new companion, Bill played by Pearl Mackie, there is at least one familiar face that will be popping up.  While appearing at WonderCon in Orlando this weekend, Michelle Gomez herself admitted that her sinister character Missy– the latest incarnation of The Doctor’s arch enemy The Master– will be back for Steven Moffat’s last season as showrunner.

Doctor Who News tweeted the news:

It should be noted that Doctor Who News is not affiliated with the BBC, who have not made any official statement.

‘Doctor Who’ is in a bit of a state of flux these days.  Steven Moffat has served as showrunner on the program since 2010, but the upcoming tenth series will be his last.  (He will be replaced by Chris Chibnall.)  It was also announced that there would be no ‘Doctor Who’ series this year, with Season 10 not arriving until 2017.  (There will at least be a Christmas Special.)  Season Nine saw the permanent departure of companion Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) who’d been with the show for three years.  And current Doctor Peter Capaldi has begun exploring more directing opportunities and has hinted that he may depart the show, partly due to the grueling shooting schedule.

Missy debuted in the Season Eight premier episode ‘Deep Breath’.  She last appeared this past season in ‘The Witch’s Familiar’.  In the meantime, Gomez voiced Missy in the ‘LEGO Dimensions’ video game.

Are there any other cast members you’d like to see return?  Are you excited that Missy will return?  Does this make the wait for new episodes more bearable… or less?

Source: Cinema Blend