The city of Detroit may have filed for bankruptcy, but at least one group of film makers has descended on the city, hopefully to aid the economy in some manner.  For his current film, ‘Transformers 4’, director Michael Bay has transformed the struggling auto town into a replica of a Chinese city, most likely Hong Kong.  (The China Movie Channel helped finance the film and held a reality show competition to find native actors to appear in the film.)  The majority of filming of this movie is expected to take place at Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac.  On Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, Wahlberg expressed:

“Detroit is not what people think.  My wife was terrified to come to Detroit. She was like, “We just heard they just went bankrupt. I don’t wanna go to Detroit to vacation for two weeks with the kids in the middle of the summer.”

“And I said, actually, no, it’s really nice. And they came and had a blast. Detroit is a great, great city … Hopefully people continue to bring more business there and help the economy there.”

As for the film itself, two amateur video clips have surfaced, depicting Bumblebee driving along when a series of explosions rocks a nearby area.  Both clips seem to be of the same sequence, but shot from two different locations.

(Source: Deadline.)

In a quieter clip, check out Mark Wahlberg in between scenes.

In addition, here are a few images from the set, in what appears to be a wedding scene gone horribly wrong!

In the last pic, co-star Stanley Tucci is visible, though it’s unclear if he is in the scenes, considering his amused expression in contrast with the other actors’ looks of horror.  (Source MLive.)

Finally, one Twitter user @Bill Galli, tweeted this picture of Mark Wahlberg carrying a piece of alien technology.

‘Transformers 4’ opens on June 27, 2014 and stars Wahlberg, Tucci, Kelsey Grammer, Nicola Peltz, Sophia Myles, T.J. Miller and Jack Reynor.  All of the principle actors signed on for three picture deals, so should this film deliver, at least financially, as well as the first three, expect more alien robot adventures on the big screen for years to come.

Are you up for a reboot of the popular, though not critically beloved, series?  Are you excited by a new human cast?  What about the Chinese subplot?  Comment with your feedback below!

Additional source: The Huffington Post.