First the news.  Big Finish has been answering the prayers of ‘Torchwood’ fans, who have been left without much new product since the last (disappointing)  series ‘Miracle Day’ aired back in 2011.  But Big Finish has been issuing new ‘Torchwood’ adventures and not only have the original actors been returning to provide their voices, but the stories are set before the third series ‘Children of Earth’ meaning that fan favorite Ianto Jones played by Gareth David-Lloyd is still alive in them.

Recently, Eve Myles, who played one of the show’s two focal characters Gwen Cooper announced she was retiring the role, but it appears she has one more go-round for the character.  Myles will reunite with John Barrowman/Captain Jack Harkness, Kai Owen/Rhys Williams and David-Lloyd for the newest Big Finish miniseries ‘Torchwood: Outbreak’ which will be released as a three-part boxed set this November.  Previously, the stars each headlined their own solo installments, except for Myles and Owen who appeared together in ‘Forgotten Lives’.  But this will be the first time all four will participate together in one audio story.

Regarding the reunion of Myles, Barrowman and David-Lloyd, producer James Goss said:

“This is pretty much what everyone has wanted from day one – Torchwood‘s holy trinity reunited in a full-cast box-set.

“Released as part of our celebrations of Torchwood’s 10th Anniversary, it sees the Institute at their very best and their very worst. We’re so very grateful to John, Gareth and Eve for somehow finding the time in their impossible schedules to save the Earth once again.”

It was written by Guy Adams, Emma Reeves and AK Benedict.


‘Torchwood: Outbreak’ is available exclusively through Big Finish and can be preordered here.  After January 31, 2017, it will become available from other retailers.

One of ‘Torchwood’ fans favorite part of the show is the relationship between Captain Jack and Ianto, one of the only mainstream same-sex couples in any science fiction work.  Upon reuniting in Cardiff, Barrowman and David-Lloyd went on a tour of the city and snapped some super adorable pics of their reunion.





Are you excited for what MIGHT be the last reunion between these members of the cast?

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