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Director Duncan Jones (‘Moon’,’Source Code’) has his next film after ‘Warcraft‘ lined up as his long dream project of ‘Mute’ is becoming a reality. This is the first story he wanted to bring to the big screen and now that he has reached critical acclaim and has a big budget movie under his belt it seems like we’ll be seeing his vision come to life. Not only is his personal pet project happening but it has both Alexander Skarsgard (‘True Blood’,’Generation Kill’) and Paul Rudd (‘Ant-Man’,’Captain America: Civil War’) attached to it!

In a recent interview when talking about ‘Warcraft’ he was asked about ‘Mute’ and had the following to say:

“I’ve joked about it before, that it’s my Don Quixote.* But it absolutely is my Don Quixote and it’s just been this incredibly challenging passion project to try and find a home for and get it made. I know we’ve found the right home for it—we haven’t announced it yet—but Alexander Skarsgard and Paul Rudd and myself are going to be making this movie with a couple other people who haven’t been announced yet, and I’m thrilled. It’s just a great group of actors and I can’t wait to finally make this weird little film, which I think people are going to either love or hate, and I don’t care which.”

Sadly he still hasn’t told us what the plot is about at all yet but did hint that:

“It’s an urban Berlin-set movie. If you kind of imagine a futuristic Casablanca—that gives you a little bit of a sense to it.”

For the scale of the movie:

“I think it’s somewhere in between Moon and Source Code. It’s certainly bigger than Moon. It has to be because the reason I couldn’t make Mute in the first place—as it was going to be my first movie—was that it was too big, so it’s not Moon-sized but it’s probably around Source Code size.”

When the movie previously fell through Jones had switched gears and wanted to make it into a graphic novel to at least have the story told. It is unclear if we’ll ever see it but quite a bit of work did go into it as:

“There was a lot of work that went into the graphic novel and that’s sitting in a bit of a limbo right now, especially with the film happening. I’ve lived with this film for such a long time now, I pretty much have the whole thing storyboarded in my head. The only thing I would need is to be able to find locations that come close to the locations I need in my head.”

It almost seems like a perfect tie-in that can be created to go along with the film’s release down the road if already partially completed.

Are you excited for ‘Mute’? Do you think that Duncan Jones will be giving us another masterpiece in this one? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Den of Geek

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