Blackest NIght Green Lantern

Say what you will about DC and their decision to keep their cinematic universe and television universes as separate, unrelated entities – you’ve gotta give the comic company credit, their TV forays are pretty unparalleled in terms of interconnectedness and viewer engagement.  Current televised hits like ‘The Flash ,’ ‘Arrow,’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ have not only built on the successes of shows like ‘Smallville’ in their ability to work within the confines of an existing established universe, they’ve done an excellent job of giving nods and “in” references for comic fans to enjoy as well.  Is there a possibility, however, that these references are heralding a bigger plot arc to come – one that might be coming from one of the most expansive DC storylines of all time?

The fine folks at Collider seem to think so: they are positing that much of the Easter Eggs and subtly-planted fun bits are actually laying the groundwork for the “Blackest Night” saga to find it’s way to the small screen.  In case you’re unfamiliar, “Blackest Night” was a story that originated in the ‘Green Lantern’ comics, where a villain was resurrected under the moniker “Black Hand.”  Colors equate to emotions in the DC Universe; while green represents willpower (hence the Green Lanterns’ powers to create objects via a combination of their power ring and the power of their mind/will), black represents death (yes, it’s technically an absence of color, but you get the gist).  Black Hand served as the herald for an even bigger villain named Nekron, who wanted to wipe out all life and emotion from the universe; his bid to do so involved resurrecting dead DC heroes and villains alike, including versions of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Arrow. TL;DR version: zombie bad-guy versions of DC’s heroes fight against the still-living heroes.

So, how does this come to TV?  Well, it would certainly be tough; but an “adapted” version of the tale would be feasible, especially because Geoff Johns, writer and co-creator of ‘The Flash’ show and writer on the ‘Arrow’ series, wrote the “Blackest Night” adventure saga for the comics back in 2009.  Here are some of the highlights that Collider has noticed happening in the TV series that draw parallels to the comic storyline:

  • Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern that had to face off against Nekron in the climactic battle of the “Blackest Night” comic story, appeared via a flashback in the Season 4 premiere episode of ‘Arrow.’  DC has never made any other direct reference to creating a small-screen version of Green Lantern.
  • The home of Hal Jordan, Coast City, has been referenced in 12 different episodes across the TV shared-universe shows.  The city hosts no other heroes on the shows, so it’s an interesting place to reference SO MUCH for no reason…
  • Coast City has been shown briefly, and a billboard portraying the city’s slogan was also seen: “In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night; Come to Coast City When the Money is Tight.”  Well heck – there’s the title of the comics event right there!
  • The company that Hal Jordan works for, Ferris Air, has also featured in the shows, including an episode of ‘The Flash’ where they referenced a missing pilot – Jordan himself – from the company’s testing facility in Central City (where The Flash calls home).
  • In recent episodes of ‘The Arrow,’ there have been references to a psychiatric ward called St. Walker’s; in “Blackest Night,” a character named Saint Walker was a member of the Blue Lantern corps (blue is the color of Hope).

So – does this all add up to “Blackest Night” definitely happening soon in DC’s TV universe?  Well, no, but it sure would be cool to see sometime sooner rather than later, wouldn’t it?

Source: Collider

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