If you’ve been waiting for more details on the third season of ‘Bates Motel‘ you are going to be thrilled with what they’ve done in this trailer. Truly an original piece of work, over 100 cameras were used to produce this set of 360 degree views of Vera Farmiga’s (‘The Conjuring,’ ‘The Departed’) Norma Bates and Freddie Highmore’s (‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’) Norman Bates. For a 31 second trailer, this was a serious amount of work done by the talented photographer Steven Sebring.

The point of the trailer? To show Norman’s slow decent into madness where he starts to show more of his actions while his split personality of Norma actually develops.

You can check out this extremely stunning first teaser below.

Wonder how the trailer was made? Well a behind-the-scenes video which you can watch below shows exactly how it was done! Usually that might be a little over the top for a TV show trailer, but with how much work was put into it, this is pretty great watch. The transformation process is truly fitting for the character and this new way to see it happening is pretty spot on.

I’m always a huge fan of behind-the-scenes videos for films and television but would usually draw a line at a commercial. This is clearly not one of those cases with the unique styling being used and how perfectly done it fits for showing Norman losing it and turning into Norma.

While this technology isn’t brand new, it is the first time it has been used in a broadcast and is done to the tune of ‘Mama’s Gonna Give You Love’ by Emily Wells. Clearly a fitting song for the preview. In the upcoming season we’ll be watching as Norman be confronted by his mother about what really happened to Blaire Watson and with her relying more on Dylan, his jealousy is going to be pushed to the limits.

Are you looking to the return of the Bates family to the small screen in just a couple short months?

Bates Motel’s third season ten-episode run will begin on A&E on Monday, March 9 at 9pm ET

Source: Digital Spy