Fans of ‘Tremors‘ were already thrilled that a new television show is in the works and now we’ve hearing more from Kevin Bacon (‘X-Men: First Class‘,’R.I.P.D.‘) about reprising his role as Valentine McKee!

In a movie that he first thought could ruin his career, this cult classic hasn’t just become a beloved memory but one that has spawned four sequels and a previous television series. The new series has a 10-episode pick up for the first season and if fans tune in, I suspect we’ll be seeing more of the show for years to come!

During a recent online Q&A to promote his new film ‘The Darkness’, Bacon had this to say about once again returning to this iconic character.

Not only does he confirm that he is working on the 10 episode series, he also stated he would be open to doing another movie! Fellow fans of Graboid filled horror will be thrilled to hear that ‘Tremors: Bloodlines’ might not be the final film in the franchise and that Bacon could even return to franchise. Who knows? If the show is successful enough, maybe we can even see the next one on the big screen instead of being another direct VOD release.

I would love to see some Graboid action at a theater once again!

Not everyone is taking this resurgence too seriously though:

We don’t know much about the series at this time or even where it will air, but it will once more be taking place in Perfection, Nevada and at least keep to the continuity of the first movie. Andrew Miller is penning the script and the series is being brought to the small screen as a joint effort by Universal Cable Productions and Blumhouse Productions.

Are you happy to hear that Kevin Bacon is returning to ‘Tremors’? Do you think we’ll see him in another movie or will the television show be his last stint as Valentine McKee? Most importantly, should Kevin Bacon teach the Graboids how to dance? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: iHorror

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