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Much like the “classic” Star Trek series and its actors had to give way to the inevitable turn of time as ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ moved in and took the audience’s attention, so too must other franchises work to stay fresh.  As the new class of X-Men take over at the theaters, the sun starts to set on the ‘classic’ X-Men of the modern-film times; in fact, most are already gone, having seen their swan song in the time-bending adventure of ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past.‘  One stalwart hero remains, however: Hugh Jackman continues to portray Wolverine on the big screen, seemingly as ageless as the character itself.

‘Wolverine 3’ will reportedly be the final headlining outing for the claw-wielding hero, and rumors have been swirling around the production for the last few months regarding what the plot will look like; the leading guess is that the film will take the approach of the “Old Man Logan” story arc from the comics, with an aging Wolverine ready to tear it up in an R-rated setting.

While plot details like these are still nothing more than an unconfirmed rumor at this point, some casting work has been set in stone for us.  Previously reported was the signing-on of Patrick Stewart to reprise his role of Professor X, and Boyd Holbrook as an all-new character, described as a “relentless, calculating, and intense head of Security for a global enterprise.”

From a new report this week, there is another villain that has been added to the mix; veteran British actor Richard E Grant has joined the cast and will be playing a “villainous, mad-scientist type,” according to reports.

The biggest question, of course, is which character Grant will be portraying.  From the Boyd casting and character description, it’s clear the folks making the movie are perfectly fine with creating brand-new nemeses for ol’ Wolvy, but the “mad-scientist” description could lead comic-book fans to wonder if Grant will be stepping into the role of one of the two lead scientists on Weapon X, the program responsible for infusing Wolverine’s bones with the indestructible adamantium metal, as shown in the comic pages.

If that’s the case, then Grant might be Professor Andre Thorton, the man who performed the first Weapon X experiments on both Wolverine and eventual-bad-guy Sabretooth.  The more likely candidate, however, is Abraham Cornelius, a scientist who worked under Thorton but was featured heavily in the recent “Death of Wolverine” storyline in Marvel Comics’ lineup.  If the makers of ‘Wolverine 3’ are truly wanting this to be an end-of-the-line type of story for the character, what better way to send him off than to meet his maker?

‘Wolverine 3’ is scheduled to be released in American theaters on March 3, 2017.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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