RUMOR ALERT: The information presented here is strictly RUMOR at this point, so take this with a grain of salt.


Let’s be honest, Ryan Reynolds wasn’t a bad Green Lantern.  It’s just that his movie, the 2011 box office turkey, was pretty boring and by the numbers.  (Mark Strong’s Sinestro was an underrated highlight.)  But it was a pretty high-profile dud and it’s no wonder that Warner Brothers wants to distance itself from that flop, which is probably why Green Lantern was the one glaring omission among the Justice League members that popped up in ‘Batman V Superman’.

Green Lantern isn’t due to return to the big screen until 2020 in ‘Green Lantern Corps’ and it’s no surprise that WB is hedging its bets by not making Hal Jordan (Reynolds’ character) the sole focus of the movie.

We already knew that John Stewart would appear.  Now comes word that a third Earth GL will appear: Kyle Rayner.

The rumor is that Hal will be the veteran Green Lantern, while John and Kyle will both be younger rookies.  (The name thrown out is that Hal will be in the age-range of Matt Damon, but I wouldn’t take that to mean he is in the running.)

In the comics, Kyle Rayner was a graphic designer who, during the 90s, was the ONLY Green Lantern after the Corps was decimated.  He served in the Justice League and the Titans.  He and Wally West (The Flash) became pals in the tradition of Hal Jordan and Barry Allen, the GL and The Flash of the Silver Age.

Since Hal Jordan returned, DC seems to have been stumped about what to do with Kyle, even though he became a fan favorite during his tenure.

I would take all this with a grain of salt, as DC Comics is currently pushing two newer Earth Green Lanterns in the comics, Simon Baz, a Muslim-American and Jessica Cruz, formerly Power Ring.

This also omits fan favorite, jerky ginger GL Guy Gardner (right), who served in the Justice League during their ‘International’ days.  (I’m pretty sure Michael Cudlitz/Abraham is going to be killed off ‘The Walking Dead’ soon, so he should be free.  Jussayin.)

What do you think?  Is ‘Green Lantern Corps’ getting too crowded?  Do you have a favorite GL?

Just for the record, ‘Green Lantern Corps’ is due in theaters on June 19, 2020, but no director, stars or screenwriter are currently attached.

Source: Cinema Blend