captain america: CIVIL WAR

SPOILER WARNING! Turn back now if you don’t want to know too much about Captain America: Civil War’! 

Hype for ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ continues to build, as does questions from fans about what exactly is driving the rift between the Avengers, especially between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, who are the primary antagonists in the film. For fans who have always seen Captain America as moral and selfless, they might be a little surprised by what star Chris Evans has to say about the motives of Cap in ‘Civil War,’ though it does make sense since his end goal is to protect and save someone dear to him. In Evan’s own words:

“What he stands for… is something that’s ubiquitous across the world. What he believes in — honor and morality and values — that’s something you can find anywhere, but in terms of who he’s been throughout the arc of his character, he’s always kind of fought for the greater good. He’s always kind of put the needs of masses before his own desire, and that’s exactly what’s different in this film. Instead of dedicating himself towards what others need in this film, he kind of prioritizes what he wants, which is a departure from what he’s normally allegiant to…It colors the character in a really nice way. You have a guy who’s this incredibly austere and moral character. It’s hard trying to find ways to make him layered and dynamic, and I think in this movie he becomes potentially selfish, where he kind of puts his own desires first, but it’s rooted in family, which I think is a through-line that we can all relate to.”

From the trailers it has seemed very much that Steve is trying to protect Bucky, and that Tony Stark in particular just wants to see the Winter Soldier brought to justice (most likely because at some point he will learn that it was Bucky who killed his parents, as was shown during ‘The Winter Soldier’ movie). What are your thoughts on Captain America’s supposed arc in the movie? Does it go against character? Or does standing up for family trump any other priorities Cap usually puts first? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: CBR