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There have been many fine character actors throughout the years in Hollywood, and many unique characters brought to life in television and film.  Certain characters, though, resonate with viewers in such a way that they actually become ingrained in the fabric of our entire culture, breaking free of their medium’s restrictions to become their own unique identity.  Such is the case with the classic ‘Star Trek’ character of Spock; globally known, universally accepted, and widely-quoted by fans and non-fans alike.  Plus, how many people have you ever seen try (and many times fail) to do the Vulcan salute with their hands?

When veteran Hollywood actor Leonard Nimoy – who brought Spock to life both on the small screen and the big for over 45 years – passed away in February 2015, the world truly lost an icon.  In tribute to both his late father and the character he single-handedly brought to life, Adam Nimoy has directed a new documentary, ‘For the Love of Spock,’ to help take a closer look at the both the fictitious alien and the real-life man that brought joy and intrigue to so many people around the world.

The film is celebrating its world premiere on April 16 at the Tribeca Film Festival during “Tune In,” programming focused heavily on the televised medium.  There will be a second screening on April 18, and this viewing will be followed by a panel discussion with Adan Nimoy, producer David Zappone, film critic Scott Mantz, and Zachary Quinto, who portrays Spock in the JJ Abrams “rebooted” Star Trek film franchise.

Adam Nimoy released a statement about the film in conjunction with a trailer; below is Nimoy’s statement, followed by the trailer itself.  No specific word has come yet on a home-video or digital release date for the documentary, but when we do find out that info, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

“The producers and I are honored to be hosting the world premiere of ‘For The Love Of Spock’ at Tribeca Film Festival’s new Tune In program. ‘Star Trek’ made television history when it first aired on Sept. 8, 1966, and has continued to be broadcast somewhere on Planet Earth ever since. ‘For The Love Of Spock’ pays tribute to one of television’s most iconic characters as well as to my father, Leonard Nimoy, who helped bring Spock to life. It was through the astonishing support of countless dedicated fans that this film could be made, so we are thrilled to finally unveil it to the world.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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