If you’ve been dying to see more of ‘Shazam!‘ than you’ll want to check out these early photos which have come from San Diego Comic-Con 2018! Thanks to the fine folks over at Screen Rant who are already getting a look around, these are some shots from a display at the mother of all conventions for genre fans that have the central hero’s uniform on display! We’ve got an up close and personal look from all angles to enjoy.

Warner Brothers have been releasing a slew of photos for the movie as of late, and I suspect that we’ll learn a lot more about the film over the next few days.

You can check out the photos right here!

This is a movie which should have a completely different tone than the DC Films which have been released to date and may help it appeal to a broader audience. Ever since ‘Wonder Woman‘ proved to be such a smashing success, it feels as if the DC cinematic universe may have finally found its stride assuming we forget about ‘Justice League.’ Hopefully, this will be the action-packed family-friendly movie that early details have hinted that it will be.

At the very least, director David F. Sandberg appears to have captured the tone that we’ve seen in the ‘Shazam!’ comics over the years outside of how the hero acted during the New 52 reboot — even if the plot looks to have been lifted directly from those comics. With all of that in mind, I’m wondering how this hero will fit into the established world so far once crossovers begin to happen in future films.

Did you enjoy getting a close up look at the uniform of ‘Shazam!’ in these photos? Are you excited for the trailer to drop this weekend? Share your thoughts below!

‘Shazam!’ will appear in your local theater on April 5th, 2019!