lot legends in 2147 HEADER

The team arrives in 2147, landing in the Kasnia Conglomerate while Rip fills everyone in on what is going to happen here. Apparently, the Kasnian leadership, aware that the world is dangerously overpopulated, has concocted a virus that can (and will) wipe out billions of people, thus clearing the earth of unnecessary lives. The current leader of the nation does not want to use the virus, but it is being vigorously pushed by Vandal Savage, a consultant to their high counsel, and tutor to the royal her Per Degaton. Once the current ruler is deposed, Savage and Per Degaton move forward with the plan and kill billions of people around the world, paving the way for the terrible future where Savage rules the earth. As the legends begin comparing Per Degaton to a little Hitler, the team begins to formulate their plan, thinking if they can kill the child, they can prevent all of those deaths and stop Savage from taking over the world. Problem is, they are supposed to be heroes, and killing a child for crimes he has yet to commit does not sit right with any of them, save for Snart.

lot atom robotsThey scout the city for more information, and learn that Kasnia is protected by a robotic army that resembles future versions of the ATOM tech, which highly disturbs Ray. Apparently the robots ensure that there is no crime in the city, and enforce the will of the government, and all the people had to sacrifice was their own freedom. With these robots, Savage is able to take over the world once the virus has been unleashed, making them another priority for the team to take care of.

lot snart and rip abduct per degatonWith all of this in mind, the legends decide to split into two teams (as they often do), with Team Kidnapping in charge of abducting Per Degaton and taking him back to the ship to see if that will change the future same as killing the boy. This team consists of Sara, Snart, and Rip.  Team Robots will infiltrate the robotics factory and find a way to shut down the futuristic police force, the team consisting of Stein, Jax, Ray, and Kendra. Team Kidnapping’s only issue is the security around the boy, which Snart and Sara easily deal with, and soon enough Per Degaton is a prisoner aboard the Waverider, though Gideon informs them that the boy’s kidnapping has done little to alter the future. As for Team Robots, they infiltrate the factory pretending to be on a tour, and Ray quickly finds a bust which looks just like him, and learns that it was a Palmer who creative the robotic technology the Kasnians use, this is his literal legacy, which leaves him feeling pretty bad. Also, the tour guide might just be his great, great, great, great, great grand-daughter or something, which means he left a love-child behind in 2016.

lot sara and snart in robot factoryThe teams return to the Waverider to ponder their next move, as nothing they have done has accomplished much just yet. Meanwhile, they still have the lingering issue of Mick to deal with, as it seems everyone is paying him a visit to remind him of their teamwork, their friendship, and after a particularly enlightening conversation with Sara, where she tells Mick about how much Snart valued their friendship before his betrayal, it seems Mick might just be able to be saved. Ray and Kendra have their own issues going on, as Ray is struggling with the idea of having left a child behind in 2016, while Kendra is flashing back to her past life in 1920, living with Carter and being a mother to Aldus, wondering if she is cheating on her eternal soulmate by falling in love with Ray. In the end, they both come clean with one another, and realize they still want to give their relationship a chance, despite their baggage. And while everyone else is distracted with their personal matters, Rip decides to take Per Degaton away from the ship so he can kill the child without the others interfering.

Unfortunately for Rip, he cannot bring himself to do it, even as the bratty child gloats that he knew Rip was weak, and could not pull the trigger, as Savage has taught him what weak men look like. Rip makes a desperate plea with Per Degaton, trying to explain why not killing the boy is more about a strong moral conviction to not be evil than weakness, and begging the child not to let himself be corrupted by Savage. It is pretty clear Rip’s words are falling on deaf ears, but you have to appreciate the effort.

lot rip and per degatonThe Waverider meanwhile, is attacked by Savage and his robot army, who has deduced who exactly it was that kidnapped Per Degaton. While the Legends go out to face the horde of soldiers and robots, Ray tries to take on the robots himself, finding that his suit is hopelessly outdated. Fortunately, Firestorm takes over for him, as he and Kendra fly to the robot factory to take out the Droid Control Ship (sorry, ‘Phantom Menace’ flashback) man controlling the Robots, and when they do, they instead find their tour guide from earlier, who might be a descendant of Ray’s. Ray learns that she is actually the descendant of his “stupid” brother, who stole the ATOM tech when Ray disappeared and sold it to the military, meaning he did not leave a love-child behind in 2016. They manage to convince her to shut down the robots, who all deactivate on the field, exploding as they hit the ground. It would be a victory except Savage has taken hold of Sara and is holding a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her. Fortunately, Rip returns with Per Degaton and they negotiate a trade, even as the evil little bastard urges Savage to just cut Sara’s throat.

lot atom and hawkgirlBack on the Waverider, Snart decides it is time he visits and talks to Mick, and the two decide to make a deal. They fight to the death, with the winner being able to walk away and do whatever he wants. Mick bests Snart in their fight, but decides not to kill his old friend, his humanity finally coming back to him. In the closing moments of the episode, Gideon informs Rip that their actions in this time period have only accelerated the dark future they were trying to prevent, as Per Degaton kills his father and unleashes the virus much sooner now that he has clashed with the Legends. Worse news, Mick informs the team that now that Mick has failed, the Time Masters will be sending a trio of mercenaries to kill them all, and that these guys will be much worse than Chronos ever was. Rip is disheartened by all the bad news, as at this point, all seems hopeless for the Legends.


– Where is the Carter Hall of this time period? If they are constantly being reincarnated, should they run into other versions of Carter and Kendra more often?

– Once they learned that kidnapping Per Degaton did not change anything, why did Rip even bother trying to kill him? If Savage was going to take over Kasnia no matter what, why did Per Degaton matter?

– I was really hoping that Sara would somehow learn about what happened on ‘Arrow’ this week during tonight’s episode, I cannot help but feel that will make for some interesting drama once Sara learns of recent events/deaths in Star City 2016.

Definitely feel like ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is finding its groove, though I am getting tired of the invincible Vandal Savage angle. I cannot wait to see how they finally end his tyranny, and I am greatly looking forward to the rumored characters joining the show at the end of the season!

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