black siren

The creative forces behind the Arrowverse certainly do like their cross-overs, and it seems there are still more to come before the current season is out. Recently announced by Mark Guggenheim is a cross-over by Katie Cassidy onto ‘The Flash,’ though not to play her normal character of Laurel Lance/ The Black Canary. Instead, she will be playing the Earth-2 version of her character, who will be dubbed the Black Siren, and most likely will end up being a villain of Earth-2 teamed up with Zoom. (check out Cassidy in action in the Tweet below)It is exciting in that it is the first time a major ‘Arrow’ cast member will be appearing on the ‘Flash’ in their alternate dimension persona, and if Barry and company continue to zip between worlds, hopefully it will not be the last. And of course, with the looming question of who ends up dead in the grave over on ‘Arrow,’ this could be Cassidy’s only way back into the ‘Arrowverse’ should Laurel prime die this season.


So where does the name ‘Black Siren’ come from? Surprisingly, not a comic book at all. In actuality, the name comes from the ‘Justice League’ animated series that ran in the early 2000’s. In one episode, the Justice League arrives in a 1950’s-esque town patrolled by a team of crime-fighters known as the Justice Guild of America. One of the members is the Black Siren, resembling the Black Canary of the Golden Age of DC comics, with similar powers but having to deal with certain stereotypes as she is the only female member of the dated team. Clearly Cassidy’s take on the Black Siren will not be nearly as wholesome, and I look forward to seeing how she distinguishes the character from how she plays the Black Canary.

What are your thoughts on Cassidy appearing on ‘The Flash’ as Black Siren? Are you excited? Or are you getting tired of constant trips to Earth-2 just to see the latest ‘Arrowverse’ hero done up as a villain? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

Source: EW

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