Season 2 is gearing up for ‘Game of Thrones’, with filming in Belfast, Iceland and now Croatia. From the production video (shown below) it seems Croatia was made for the series, having castles previously built looking how most of us pictured The Wall. It looks like very little special effects are going to be needed in this beautiful country.

Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, spoke with NBC recently, saying what we should expect from his character in Season 2. “He falls in love, which is lovely and a bit more complicated from the philanderer that wandered around season one creating chaos. He’s grown up a bit, so it’s nice.” Fans of the book aren’t surprised by that, but he did go on to say “Season two sticks pretty closely to book two but rumor has it book three is so big, we might break it up a bit. But that’s just hearsay.”

Here is the production video from Croatia