As you might have imagined, it is just not a convention of comic-book, movie and science-fiction nerds without a massive amount of Cosplay folk in attendance, and WonderCon 2016 was no exception. Being the first time that WonderCon has been held at the LA Convention Center in recent memory (formerly it was put on down at the Anaheim Convention Center right next to Disneyland), I definitely felt there were a lot more people in attendance, and a lot more epic costumes to check out while walking the floor.

_LOKI for officeThe highlight list for me was the strange cat lady who was standing outside the doors of the convention hall, holding up a strangled minion in one hand, and a sign that read “Llamas are awesome” in the other, the reference of either of these things being completely beyond me. Next up there was an amazing Judge Dredd cosplayer, who walked the floors with his best angry mug displayed beneath the helmet, that made  his already impressive costume even better. Lastly on my top 3 list was the guy dressed up as Loki, only in full political mode, wielding a sign that said “Loki 2016” and dressed in a smart business suit that the God of Mischief might just wear were he to throw his hat into the insane political arena right now.

Honorable mentions of course go to the Hillbilly Boba Fett, who I have seen at other conventions and was glad to see out and about once more, and a pretty spectacular Splinter costume, though I felt bad for the guy wearing it as it looks bulky and rather warm, and it was already a hot day in Los Angeles.  Oh, and it definitely made me happy to see a great “Barf” costume (from ‘Spaceballs’ if anyone is confused), as I had never seen that particular costume at a convention before, and it looked pretty great.

Feel free to peruse all of our Cosplay picture below, and mention your favorites in the comments below!

(Photo Credit: Jordan Oslin)