The final standard cover with updated costumes

A few months ago, DC Comics made the huge announcement that they were relaunching their entire comic book line this coming September with fifty-two new #1 issues. To say that fan response was… varied… would be an understatement. The responses ranged from full on hate and threats to drop DC Comics altogether to complete love and admiration that DC was taking a chance and keeping the medium afloat. (Some of those comments were aimed at DC’s other announcement that they would be releasing print and digital comics on the same day, but that’s another story for another time.)

One of the major issues fans had with the change is that all of the DC characters were getting costume overhauls courtesy of Jim Lee and company. Over the course of a couple of weeks, DC revealed the covers of the new issues via their DC Universe: The Source blog. The costume changes ranged from minor tweaks as was the case with Green Lantern and Batman to complete overhauls such as Superman ditching his underwear-on-the-outside tights in favor of new metallic Kryptonian armor.

Today, DC revealed the final cover for ‘Justice League’ #1 on which some costumes have been changed yet again, possibly in response to fan outcry. On the new cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams, Wonder Woman has ditched the black spandex pants, which were a popular target of fan hatred, in favor of a more traditional blue undies look. Green Lantern has his power ring back as it was conspicuously absent from the original cover. Also revealed is David Finches alternate covers of DC’s premiere superhero team in both penciled and final versions.

(Left to Right: the original cover as released, David Finch’s variant pencil sketch cover, and David Finch’s finished cover)


‘Justice League’ #1, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Jim Lee, will be available on August 31st.