Leia Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Most would agree that ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ was damn near perfect.  Sure, things could have been different, but few have any complaints about what actually wound up playing out on the big screen.  (It’s still playing in theaters in limited release even now, four months later!)

Even so, diehards are anxiously awaiting the BluRay/DVD release to get even more and it’s sure to deliver as we know there are several deleted scenes included as bonus material, which may not be essential to enjoy the film as it stands, but are still nice supplements.

One such scene features General Organa, or as we old-timers know her, Princess Leia.  The General played an important supporting role in the film, but as this scene reveals, she may have factored into the story at an earlier point.

Following the massacre on Jakku, this scene shows BB-8 sending Leia a distress call.  This would have made Leia the first character from the original films to appear in ‘The Force Awakens’.  Leia must then determine the best course of action after the events at the beginning of the film.

Of course, as the finished film played out, Han and Chewie made their crowd-pleasing entrance with Han uttering the already classic line “Chewie, we’re home.”  And considering later events in the movie, it makes much better sense that Han be the first classic character to appear.

Beyond that, in the finished film, Leia’s introduction comes in the same scene in which she is reunited with Han after the two have not seen one another in years.  Once again, considering the overall narrative, this also makes better sense.

But the scene was filmed and for fans, getting to see it detached from the movie is icing on the cake.  And who knows?  Maybe at some point an extended version may be released with the cut sequences restored.

What do you think?  Would you have preferred to have Leia come in earlier in the movie and get a bigger share of screen time?

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ hits BluRay and DVD on April 5.

Source: Cinema Blend