Game Of Thrones

The long night is coming to end because we finally have a confirmed premiere date for the final, 8th Season of ‘Game of Thrones!’ Sure, HBO had already let us know it would be sometime in April, but knowing there is now a date, namely Sunday, April 14th, just makes everything feel that much more official.

Now fans can lay to rest the speculation over when the final season will arrive and focus once more on how exactly everything is going to end up, especially since the few details we do know about the season are so intriguing, such as it containing the longest battle ever put on film, episodes that could go as long as 90 minutes, and an ending George R.R. Martin has promised will be “bittersweet” and that has made many cast members who have seen it cry.

For now, HBO has given us a new teaser to enjoy during the long wait till April, with a full trailer hopefully coming later, though the teaser is pretty cool by itself. Directed by series alum David Nutter, and featuring original music by series composer Ramin Djawadi, the teaser finds the remaining Stark children making their way through the Winterfell crypts and the statues of their deceased loved ones, as we hear foreboding voice-over with lines of dialogue from throughout the series, much of it about Jon Snow and how his presence altered the Stark family. Finally, the three siblings come upon three statues of themselves, as though they had already died, right before a cold chill creeps up behind them, freezing the ground itself as it approaches Jon, Arya and Sansa. Jon and Arya draw their swords, preparing to fight, and it cuts to black, with the hashtag #forthethrone coming up on screen.

Very cool stuff, and I am sure fans will spend weeks trying to figure out what it all means, what the show is foreshadowing with the teaser, but for me, I just enjoyed the atmosphere, seeing the three characters together again, and I really did enjoy the new music from Djawadi, especially since he made it exclusively for the trailer.

Check it out for yourself below, and share any thoughts you have on the upcoming season in the comments!