Area 51

Videographer Hans Faulkner may have the last drone footage of Area 51.

While working on a documentary about aircrafts, Faulkner trekked up to the border of the top-secret Air Force facility to get a better look via his drone.

After viewing the footage, you can get a better understanding of how tucked away this Southern Nevada base actually is. The facility is way off in the distance; you can barely make it out. This kind of makes the site seem more elusive. Maybe there are a bunch of UFOs there…

The closest anyone can (legally) get to the base is to hike up Tikaboo Peak, and even then Area 51 is 26 miles away. A month after Faulkner filmed, there were signs displayed prohibiting the use of drones.

Take a look at Faulkner’s footage. If you can’t make out Area 51, at least you get a nice view of the scenery.

In an email to Inverse, Faulkner said he’s not totally convinced Area 51 is hoarding a bunch of aliens. Although he did mention the reason he became interested in aircrafts was because he spotted something unusual in the sky when he was driving through Missouri in 2001:

It was around midnight, when I noticed a ‘craft’ hovering over my car. I slowed down, and took a mental note.

It was a large disc shaped craft and had a green light that slowly pulsated. When the green light flashed I could see metal panels underneath. It was large and moved west very slow. As it traveled over my car, I rolled my window down and looked directly up at it. It didn’t make a sound. No sounds from helicopter blades and no sound of an engine.

I was in shock, I drove about 10 miles before I turned around and drove back to get a [sic] another look, I never saw it again. I didn’t think it was alien, I thought ‘what an amazing machine.