Grimm Into the Schwarzwald

“What’s passed is prologue.”

 They found it.

After ninety-nine episodes of death, Wesen, and countless mysterious, Nick and Monroe have stumbled upon the lost treasure hidden, for centuries, by the seven Grimm after the sack of Constantinople. But whereas the two discover something great, Renard finds himself in a conundrum after an unexpected death.

Nick and Monroe track down the treasure of the seven knights
Nick and Monroe track down the treasure of the seven knights

Starting in the catacombs of the buried church, Nick and Monroe theorize on how to find the lost treasure. It’s not until Nick shuts off the lights that they find their ‘X marks the spot’. They eventually find a small chest, one requiring seven keys to open. Being that the duo only have five, they need to get it back to Portland and try their luck with some lock picking. But first, they have to escape the dozen or so Wesen, led by the church Father, trying to stop them. They are able to get away, though Monroe gets a nasty bite from one of the Wesen prior to escaping. Next stop, Portland.

Grimm’s home city is in a bit of an uproar though as Andrew Dixon, mayoral candidate, is assassinated by Marwan. Hank and Wu, on the scene after a tip, scour the area but Marwan’s in the wind—or so he thinks. Eve, at the behest of Meisner, creates a happy accident that puts the Wesen assassin in the hospital and gives Hadrian’s Wall time to copy the hitman’s contacts in his phone.  In addition, they plan to tail Marwan in the hopes that he’ll lead them to the Black Claw cell that set everything up.

Other Portland badness is on a smaller, more personal level when Rosalee’s past comes back to her in the form of Tony, the man that hand been calling and writing her for the past few months. He begs her for help but when Rosalee says no, he turns violent. Adalind comes into the room and Tony turns his vile attentions to her but is stopped when invisible forces bend each finger of his left hand back like a rubber band. “Oh my god,” Adalind laments, for she knows what it means…her Hexenbiest side is well on its way back. The two women have a brief talk afterwards and Adalind begs Rosalee not to tell Nick about the newest development. Rosalee promises she won’t but cautions Adalind that something like this can’t be kept under wraps for long.

During another meeting with Hank and Wu, Renard gets an anonymous tip—from Lucien Petrovich–on Marwan’s location at the hospital. The three cops accost the fleeing assassin and he goes on the defensive. The ensuing struggle with Renard’s Zauerbiest side ends with Marwan dead and, soon after, the Captain and Meisner at each other’s throats due to HW losing the opportunity to track down Black Claw. Transparency in such operations go a long, long way toward success. But Renard has his own issues. Just before his confrontation with Meisner, he re-watches the Dixon shooting and spots Rachel Wood conveniently staring up at the spot where the shot came from. He confronts her when she shows up at his place and Rachel, along with Lucien, present the idea from “the people that are going to change [Renard’s] life” and make him mayor of Portland.

Monrosalee wait for the others as Monroe's bite continues to fester
Monrosalee wait for the others as Monroe’s bite continues to fester

Nick and Monroe return the next morning and, after gathering the group together, they open the chest—not without a bit of spilled blood from Nick, of course. What they find is…a stick. Not too amazing, huh? But when Monroe’s bite turns out to be blood poisoning and our favorite blutbod starts going into shock, the gang finds out, when Nick accidentally touches Monroe with the stick, just how incredibly powerful it is. It heals the bite as if it had never been there in the first place.

The Grimmtastic

  • Well, that was a tad bit underwhelming…at first. The thought that so many hours dedicated to the mystery of the keys and our heroes find a stick? Of course, the saying “things are not as they always appear” is apropos here. Its touch healed Monroe’s hideous injury and who knows if that’s all it can do. Something tells me that the Grimm knights didn’t just hide it due to its healing properties. There is another power within it, possibly recorded in the writing Wu noticed on the cloth that covered it…
  • We knew it was only a matter of time before Adalind’s Wesen nature returned and it did—though it couldn’t have been a more necessary return. Rosalee’s piece of filth past mate Tony got his just desserts for attacking the women. Yes, this won’t be the last we see of the human germ but, more importantly, how will Nick react when he discovers the truth about his baby mama’s Hexenbiest side returning?
  • Finally, the hints had been there but Rachel Wood’s agenda for Renard was revealed in all its bloody glory. It’s a bold move for her and Lucien to meet with the police captain but, after the heated argument with Meisner about losing the chance to track down the Black Claw cell, is there any doubt that Renard is going to play this up, mole his way into Black Claw? Careful, Captain—you know what they say about making deals with the devil…
  • A Nota Bene of sorts: Congrats to the entire ‘Grimm’ cast for your 100 episode milestone. May 100 more be in your future!