It’s described as ‘Real Steel’ come to life! Syfy’s newest reality series ‘Robot Combat League’ isn’t supposed to premiere until next week but we have the first episode here for you to enjoy!

If you were around in the ’90’s then you may recall a precursor to this series called ‘Robot Wars’. This time, the robots are much bigger, more badass and much more destructive! Instead of controlling the robots from a remote control box, contestants are rigged up to an exo-suit which controls the robots via your own body movements.

Here’s Syfy’s official description of the series:

Each week Robot Combat League, hosted by Chris Jericho, the wildly popular WWE superstar, features tournament-style battles between eight-foot tall humanoid robots controlled by a human fighter (“robo-jockey”) and an engineer (“robo-tech”). The robots were designed and created by robotics expert, Mark Setrakian (Hellboy, Men in Black), a leader in the sport of robotic combat.

In the premiere episode of Robot Combat League, the contestants are paired into 12 teams, comprised of a robo-jockey and a robo-tech. Each team is then introduced to its own unique robot, which they will control using a high-tech exo-suit that translates their exact movements to their robot. The contestants take control of the robots for the first time in a timed challenge to earn their rankings for the fight tournament. The top-ranked team and the bottom-ranked team then fight for their life in three rounds of non-stop mechanical carnage.

I’m very excited about this new series and you can see why for yourself as you watch the first episode titled ‘Rise of the Machines’ below. After viewing the video, let us know if you’ll be tuning in to ‘Robot Combat League!

‘Robot Combat League’ airs Tuesdays, 10PM EST on Syfy beginning February 26th.