Photo credit: Ga Fullner /
Photo credit: Ga Fullner /

Universal’s creature feature revival is ramping up and casting for ‘The Mummy‘ might be pairing Annabelle Wallis (‘Annabelle‘,’The Tudors’) with Tom Cruise‘s character in the film! We don’t know much about the reboot as of yet aside that Cruise is set to play a leading character and that Sofia Boutella is going to play the Mummy.

The film will be directed by Alex Kurtzman and will be the first official film in the new Monster Cinematic Universe that the company is putting together. That is, of course, unless ‘Dracula Untold‘ doesn’t end up being the unofficial kickoff point to it all. Kurtzman will also be producing the film with Chris Morgan and Sean Daniel while working off of a screenplay by Jon Spaihts.

It is easy to theorize that across from Cruise means that Wallis could be the love interest. Rumor has him as a current or ex-special forces soldier and Wallis would be a scientist. However as we have no verified hints of the plot quite yet we could see them as a pair of grave robbers who get caught up in The Mummy’s curse. Sadly it really is too early to tell so any theorizing would be just guesswork.

Wallis has a solid track record in both television and films at this point though not a role that could truly be considered a box office breakout. Working with Tom Cruise on a potential tentpole movie could change all of that and make her more of a household name for those not familiar with her work.

Would you be excited to hear that Annabelle Wallis would be cast in ‘The Mummy’? What are your thoughts on the upcoming cinematic universe which is being built? Share your thoughts below!

We’ll have a chance to unwrap ‘The Mummy’ on the big screen on June 9, 2017 which will star Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter