Photo credit: Helga Esteb /
Photo credit: Helga Esteb /

Yesterday we excitedly shared details that inside sources were reporting that Aaron Paul (‘Breaking Bad’,’Need for Speed’) had joined ‘The Dark Tower‘, though sadly today it seems that the actor himself is still looking to join the cast. From sharing media coverage to reaching out to Stephen King, it sounds like he is either playing with viewers or, more likely, that no such deal has officially been struck as of yet.

Hopefully, that is about to be changed. The very first tweet made it look like we may, in fact, have Paul joining the cast and ideally as Eddie Dean.


Only, while that first one alone could have been unofficial confirmation of casting news it honestly seems that he was showing his surprise at the report. In fact, he reached out to someone who might be in the know to get more details and possibly put in a good word.

And you know what? The series creator did just that!


So sadly, we still don’t have actual confirmation that we’ll be seeing him play across Idris Elba as Roland but at least there is talks going on. With having King’s blessing and promise of putting in a good word, if the role hasn’t been secretly cast already it could help sway things in Paul’s direction. I’m sure if the series’ creator who also happens to have been a huge fan of ‘Breaking Bad’ puts in a good word for the actor who has already shown interest in the role and had interest shown in him we could still see this happening.

Do you want to see Aaron Paul play Eddie Dean? Do you think that this is a casting choice made in heaven? Share your thoughts below!