Captain Marvel Samus Aran banner

Former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey has been branching out into other forms of entertainment when she’s not preparing to step into the octagon. From gracing magazine covers to appearing at WWE events alongside The Rock, the mixed martial artist is everywhere these days. And just like the Great One, Rousey is also getting into movies. After appearing in films like ‘Entourage’, ‘The Expendables 3’, and ‘Furious 7’, she’s now set to star in the remake of ‘Roadhouse’, the big screen adaptation of her autobiography, and a comedy with Tina Fey. But there are still some roles that she’d love to tackle. We’ve already heard that she wants to play Captain Marvel, although she also has a certain badass video game character on her wish list.

While speaking to Game Spot about UFC’s latest video game, Rousey talked about her own love for video games such as ‘World of Warcraft’. But even when the conversation moved on to films, the fighter looked to one of her favorite games for her next potential movie roles:

“I think they should make more movies based on video games to be honest. I think that would be really cool. I’ve always wanted to be Samus. That would be badass. I love how people found out later that it was a hot chick on the inside. And then most of the day you’re in a suit, so you can just hang out and eat donuts and be the star of ‘Metroid’. I hope they make a movie out of that.”

Rousey definitely has the physicality down to play Samus Aran, but does she have the acting prowess to bring the character’s rich history to life? We haven’t really seen her take on a meaty role such as this one in her career thus far. However, she probably wouldn’t have been tapped to fill Patrick Swayze’s shoes if she didn’t have any skills. So in the event that a ‘Metroid’ movie does materialize, it wouldn’t hurt to at least consider her for the lead. 

Would you want to see Ronda Rousey star as Samus in a ‘Metroid’ movie? Is there anyone else that you’d like to see in the role. Sound off in the comments below.